Fire, Ice and Dynamite

Fire, Ice and Dynamite (German original title Feuer, Eis und Dynamit) is a German feature-length sports film directed by Willy Bogner in 1990. It a sequel to Fire and Ice. The screenplay was written by Tony Williamson, based on an original story by Willy Bogner.

Fire, Ice and Dynamite
Theatrical release poster by Renato Casaro
Directed byWilly Bogner
Produced by
Written byTony Williamson
Story byWilly Bogner
Music byHarold Faltermeyer
  • Tomas Erhart
  • Charly Steinberger
Edited byPeter Davies
Distributed byNeue Constantin Film
Release date
  • 18 October 1990 (1990-10-18)
Running time
106 minutes
Budget$21.5 million DM

The film features cameos from Steffi Graf,[1] Niki Lauda, Buzz Aldrin, Dennis Conner and Isaac Hayes.


The plot functions primarily as link between the stunt action scenes which mainly deal with skiing like in Fire and Ice. It also contains heavy product placement (for example, VW released a special edition of the Golf MK II named "Fire & Ice" which featured some special equipment details like the seat covers being said to be designed by Bogner himself).

Roger Moore plays an entrepreneur who is in debt with many companies. After faking his death by apparent suicide by jumping out of a plane, his children and several companies participate in several sporting events (skiing, rafting, bobsled etc.) for his $135 million estate - winner takes all. Additionally, a family of villains tries to get to the money.

DVD release

Lions Gate has yet to release the film onto DVD. A PAL DVD release under the German title does exist, however. Prism Leisure released the film on DVD in 2002, on a 2 Disc/4 DVD disc compilation consisting of Merchant of Death, Musketeers Forever, Fire Ice & Dynamite and Paradise Lost. payless (sic) Entertainment Limited has also released a PAL DVD under the film’s English title.



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