Fiorina la vacca

Fiorina la vacca (Fiorina the Cow) is a 1972 commedia sexy all'italiana directed by Vittorio De Sisti. The film, loosely based on several works by Ruzante, is an example of the Decamerotici genre popular in the early 1970s.[1][2]

Fiorina la vacca
Directed byVittorio De Sisti
Written byVittorio De Sisti
Fabio Pittorru
Story byRuzante (play)
StarringFelice Andreasi
Janet Agren
Mario Carotenuto
Music byEnnio Morricone
CinematographyErico Menczer
Edited byGabriella Cristiani
Release date
Running time
103 min


Set in the sixteenth century, the film tells the story of a cow named Fiorina, sold by a farmer to seek his fortune as a mercenary. From here the cow will changing hands, sometimes legitimately, sometimes not. Finally the cow is sold to a rich man who also wants to buy the vendor woman, who is also called Fiorina.



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