Finnkino Oy is a Finnish film distributor and the biggest cinema chain in Finland. It was established in 1986 as a union of 34 companies working in the film industry. In 1994 Finnkino was acquired by the Rautakirja Group, which became a division of the Sanoma Group in 1999.[1] Finnkino operates a total of 15 cinemas in eleven cities. It also has subsidiaries in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, operated under the names of Forum Cinemas and Forum Distribution. In early 2017, Finnkino and other Scandinavian and Baltic cinema chains were acquired by AMC Theatres.

Finnkino Oy
Area served
OwnerAMC Theatres
ParentOdeon Cinemas Group through Nordic Cinema Group
  • Forum Cinemas (EE)
  • Forum Cinemas (LV)
  • Forum Cinemas (LT)
  • Forum Distribution

Finnkino's biggest movie theatre multiplex is Tennispalatsi in Helsinki and its headquarters are located in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki.

In 2006, Finnkino took over Finnish theatrical distribution for films by United International Pictures' partner studios, Paramount Pictures (including films by DreamWorks) and Universal Pictures, after UIP decided to move its Finnish distribution base from Buena Vista International, which started distributing UIP's films in Finland in 2002 after UIP shut down its Finnish distribution offices. Finnkino had already distributed these studios' films on video for several years. Finnkino distributed Star Wars when the movie's special edition was released. Unlike movie theaters in the United States, Finnkino allows people to bring outside food.

The theatres

As of 2017, Finnkino runs a total of fourteen different multiplex movie theaters in eleven Finnish cities:

The theaters of Finnkino
City Name Number of screens Other
EspooOmena7Is located in the shopping centre "Iso Omena" (Big Apple), also contains an "ISENSE" auditorium
Sello6Is located in the shopping centre that also bears the name "Sello"
Tennispalatsi14Contains an "ISENSE" auditorium
TampereCine Atlas4
TurkuKinopalatsi9Contains an "ISENSE" auditorium
VantaaFlamingo6Is located in the shopping centre that bears the same name


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