Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!

Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! is a 1968 film by Russ Meyer. The story involves the goings-on at a topless go-go bar on the Sunset Strip. Meyer himself makes an appearance in this film. The composition Finlandia by Jean Sibelius is used in one of the film's love scenes.[1][2]

Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers!
Theatrical poster to Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! (1968)
Directed byRuss Meyer
Produced byEve Meyer
Russ Meyer
Anthony-James Ryan
Written byRuss Meyer (story)
Richard Zachary
StarringAnne Chapman
Paul Lockwood
Gordon Westcourt
Duncan McLeod
Robert Rudelson
Lavelle Roby
Jan Sinclair
Joey DuPrez
Nick Wolcuff
Pamela Collins
Vickie Roberts
John Furlong
Michael Roberts
Music byIgo Kantor
CinematographyRuss Meyer
Edited byRichard S. Brummer
Russ Meyer
Distributed byEve Productions Inc.
Release date
May 8, 1968
Running time
71 min.


Paul, the owner of a strip club bar on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, is taken home after being knocked out at a brothel, whose madam sends two thieves to Paul's club to rob the place while he is unconscious.

When the star dancer at the bar quits, Paul's wife Kelly fills in for her. The bartender Ray then seduces her and takes her to his home, and the thieves Cal and Feeny begin working on cracking the safe. When Paul comes to and cannot find his wife at home, he goes to the club, where the thieves are engaged in their work.

Paul manages to kill the two robbers after Claire has been killed and Ray seriously wounded.


  • Anne Chapman as Kelly
  • Paul Lockwood as Paul
  • Gordon Wescourt as Ray
  • Duncan McLeod as Cal
  • Robert Rudelson as Feeny
  • Lavelle Roby as Claire
  • Jan Sinclair as Christiana
  • Joey Duprez as Joy
  • Nick Wolcuff as Nick
  • Pam Collins as Vickie Roberts
  • John Furlong


The Los Angeles Times said the film was "not much different from his [Meyer's] previous efforts... Meyer has trouble keeping abreast, so to speak, of the times. This is because Meyer has such a clean mind for a man who makes dirty movies... his films seem positively healthy alongside much of the current Hollywood and European product."[3]

The New York Times thought the film was "no longer particularly erotic."[4]


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