Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice is an upcoming Hong Kong drama film written and directed by Adrian Kwan, produced by and starring Andy Lau as a former internationally renowned conductor who resides in the United States, returns to Hong Kong lead a pessimistic group of choir students.[1] Currently in post-production, film is set for release at the end of May 2019.[2]

Find Your Voice
Teaser film poster
MandarinRè Xuè Hé Chàng Tuán
CantoneseJit6 Hyut3 Hap6 Ceong3 Tyun4
Directed byAdrian Kwan
Produced byAndy Lau
Screenplay byAdrian Kwan
Hannah Cheung
StarringAndy Lau
Distributed byDistribution Workshop
A Really Happy Film
Release date
May 2019 (2019-05)
CountryHong Kong


Form 4 student Fung Sun-hei of a Band 3 secondary school is a well known typical neet who is bad-tempered and performs poorly in academics. One day, Sun-hei gets in trouble for causing major havoc in school. However, headmaster Lo {Lowell Lo) gives him a final chance to redeem himself by requesting him to participate in the "Find Your Voice Trial Program" (熱血合唱團試驗計劃), a project which involves forming a classical music chorus composed of three Band 3 students who go in to nine months of special training to compete in the Intercollegiate Chorus Competition (校際合唱團比賽) afterwards. Without a choice, Sun-hei reluctantly accepts the offer. The outside world views this project as one that is more difficult than reaching to the skies and teases them as the "Rotten Orange Chorus" (爛橙合唱團). However, unexpectedly, renowned Hong Kong-American conductor Yim Chi-long (Andy Lau), dubbed the "Iron-Blooded Instructor" of the music industry, who have been living seclusion for a year, returns to Hong Kong to be the conductor of the chorus.



Find Your Voice was filmed primarily in Hong Kong and partly in the United States, with the latter location shoot taking place in January 2017 where producer and star Andy Lau took part.[3] Lau, who portrays a conductor for the first time, seek advice from a real music conductor in order to convincingly portray the role. Production for the film wrapped up in March 2017.[1][4] [5]



On 20 March 2019, a press conference for the film attended by the cast and crew was held at the 2019 Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), where it also unveiled its first teaser trailer.[6]

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