Finale B

"Finale B" is a song from the rock opera Rent. It is the last song of the show, coming immediately after "Your Eyes." It is a compilation of several songs sung in the musical, such as "Another Day," "Life Support," "Without You," and "Will I?".

"Finale B"
from the album Rent
Songwriter(s)Jonathan Larson

The song begins with the character Mimi being miraculously revived after a near-death experience resulting from living on the streets and drug abuse. During the song, the character Mark screens the film he has been working on throughout the course of the story, and all of the cast members begin to congregate on the stage. At the end of the song, the entire cast sings "No Day But Today."

In the film adaptation of the musical, only the main cast sings the song as Mark's film plays. The actual film ends with the final shot of Mark's film, which is a shot of Angel. He is out of drag, but when he holds up his hand, you can see his blue nail polish.

In the DVD release of the movie Rent, an alternate version of the ending was provided as a bonus supplement. This version shows the seven main characters minus Angel standing side by side on the empty stage (the same one on which they sang "Seasons of Love" as the opening of the film), under eight spotlights (with one unoccupied spotlight where Angel would be standing). In the same fashion as the stage version, Angel enters the stage at the end of the song and stands under her respective spotlight as the cast sings the last lyrics.

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