Filippo I Colonna

Filippo Colonna (1578 11 April 1639), Prince of Paliano,[1] was an Italian nobleman, who was the head of the Colonna family of Rome and the hereditary Gran Connestabile at the court of Naples.

Filippo I Colonna
Died(1639-04-11)11 April 1639
Noble familyColonna family
Spouse(s)Lucrezia Tomacelli
FatherFabrizio Colonna
MotherAnna Borromeo


He was born in Rome. A nephew of Carlo Borromeo and grand nephew of Gian Giacomo Medici, he married Lucrezia Tomacelli,[2] of the Lords of Galatro (1576–1622) in 1597.

His rebuilding of Palazzo Colonna began the process of creating a unified structure of the assortment of medieval buildings. He realized the monumental garden entrance on Monte Cavallo. In 1639, he walked down a well known path by his home, and promptly died by slipping on a stone of sorts and splitting open his head on the rocks.

At his death it was revealed that he had appointed his second son, Girolamo, to be his heir, thus starting a war of succession between the eldest son, Federico, and Girolamo.


He had five children;


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  2. Pietro Tomacelli had served as Pope Benedict IX in Rome, 1389 to 1404.
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