Filhaal... (Hindi: फ़िलहाल, Momentary) is a Bollywood film released in 2002. It stars Sushmita Sen, Tabu, Sanjay Suri and Palash Sen in the lead roles. Meghna Gulzar, daughter of lyricist Gulzar and actress Raakhee, made her directorial debut with the film. The film was critically well received, especially the performance of Ms. Sen, and won Zee Cine Awards for best supporting actress.

DVD cover
Directed byMeghna Gulzar
Produced byJhamu Sughand
Written byMeghna Gulzar
StarringSushmita Sen
Sanjay Suri,
Palash Sen
Music byAnu Malik
CinematographyManmohan Singh
Edited byChandan Arora
Distributed byDharma Productions
Release date
1 February 2002
LanguageHindi / English


Rewa Singh (Tabu) and Sia Sheth (Sushmita Sen) are best friends. Having grown up together, the pair are inseparable and are always there for each other. They are very different when it comes to life viewpoint on marriage and commitment.

Rewa is passionate about having her own family whilst Sia is always running away from settling down and is determined to put her career first. Sia's boyfriend Sahil (Palash Sen) has proposed to her three times and she always turns him down, yet he is determined to marry her and her only and nobody else.

Rewa meets the love of her life -Dhruv (Sanjay Suri) and marries him, however they soon find out that she faces birth complications and unable to conceive. Rewa is devastated but tries to carry on with the support of Dhruv and Sia. However, feeling incomplete and empty, she slowly sinks into depression.

Sia can not bear to see her friend like this and offers a solution - to be a surrogate mother to their child. Dhruv is opposed to the idea, but Rewa's insistence sways his decision and he agrees.

Soon Sia is pregnant and gives birth to a beautiful baby girl after 7–8 months. Unfortunately, Sahil disagrees with what Sia did and abruptly breaks off their relationship.

Rewa and Dhruv do everything to make sure that Sia takes care of herself and the baby stays healthy. However, cracks between Rewa and Sia begin to surface. Rewa is jealous that Dhruv is spending more time with Sia and is frustrated as she is not able to experience the joy of carrying a child. Rewa begins to lash out at Sia and at times insults her. Things come to a halt when Sia decorates the baby's room whilst Rewa yells at her.

Luckily, after some time things calm down and Rewa and Dhruv come to terms with reality. They take their child and move far far away and Sahil rekindles his relationship with Sia, proposes to her again and this time she accepts.



The Music and Background score was composed by Anu Malik. The background score was composed by Anjan Biswas. All the lyrics were penned by Gulzar. The album opened to positive reviews and Planet Bollywood rated 9/10.[1] The tracklist featured 6 songs and one instrumental sung by eminent singers like Asha Bhonsle, K.S.Chithra, KK and others. All the songs were hit tracks, but the tracks "Filhaal", "Kyun Baar Baar" & "Naya Naya" were huge hits.

Track Listing
1."Filhaal"Asha Bhonsle5:27
2."Dil Ke Sannate"Palash Sen5:30
3."Kyun Baar Baar"K.S.Chithra5:48
4."Le Chale Doliyon Mein"Roop Kumar Rathod & K.S.Chithra7:00
5."Sola Singaar Kar"Palash Sen & Jaspinder Narula4:28
6."Naya Naya"KK & K.S.Chithra6:30


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