Fifty-Fifty (1971 film)

Fifty Fifty (Hebrew: חצי חצי) is an Israeli comedy film directed by Boaz Davidson and produced by Assi Dayan and Moshe Golan.

Fifty Fifty
Directed byBoaz Davidson
Produced by
Written by
  • Assi Dayan
  • Boaz Davidson
  • Nissim Azikri
  • Nissim Azikri
  • Ze'ev Berlinski
  • Aliza Itzhaki
  • Assi Dayan
Music byDavid Kriboshe
CinematographyDavid Gurfinkel
Edited by
  • Jacques Erlich
Running time
83 minutes
Budget500,000 ILP[1]


"Fifty fifty" is a comedy that takes place in Tel Aviv during the early 1970s. Grossman is a bakery owner who wins the lottery, however, he holds only half of the winning ticket. The other half is in the possession of his partner Levi, who dies unexpectedly. The plot gets complicated when two crooks break and settle in Levi's apartment.[2]


  • Ze'ev Berlinski as Grossman (The baker)
  • Yossi Pollak as Ezra, Grossman's nephew
  • Aliza Itzhaki as Leo Levi's daughter
  • Nissim Azikri as Leo Levi's son-in-low
  • Assi Dayan as the first thief
  • Baruch David as the second thief
  • Nahum Buchman as the manager of the automated bakery
  • Dori Ben-Ze'ev as the son of the manager
  • Zvi Shissel as the other son of the manager


A five-song Extended play was issued for the film[3] containing the three songs that were sung in the films, two by Arik Einstein and one by Assi Dayan, and two accompanying tracks. The EP wasn't reissued since in any format, although the two Arik Einstein songs were reprinted in some compilation albums and on the 2018 Arik Einstein rare recordings collection "VeOd Lo Amarti HaKol" (And I Yet to Say It All; Hebrew: ועוד לא אמרתי הכל).[4]

Track listing

Side A

  1. "Leo HaTov" (Good Leo; Hebrew: ליאו הטוב) – Arik Einstein (4:51)
  2. "Al Tagid Mila" (Don't Say a Word; Hebrew: אל תגיד מילה) – Assi Dayan (3:40)

Side B

  1. "Lo Al HaHetzi Levado" (Not By the Half Only) – Arik Einstein (3:01)
  2. "Same'ach BaMa'afiya" (Merry in the Bakery; Hebrew: שמח במאפיה) – David Kriboshe (2:47)
  3. "Ne'imat Hetzi Hetzi" (Fifty Fifty Theme; Hebrew: נעימת חצי חצי) – Gali Atari (2:00)

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