Fifth Fraser Ministry

The Fifth Fraser Ministry was the forty-eighth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 3 November 1980 to 11 March 1983.[1][2]

Liberal Party of AustraliaNational Country Party Coalition


  • Prime Minister: John Malcolm Fraser
  • Deputy Prime Minister: John Douglas Anthony (NCP)
  • Minister for Trade and Resources: John Douglas Anthony (NCP)
  • Treasurer: John Winston Howard
  • Minister for Primary Industry: Peter James Nixon (NCP)
  • Minister for Administrative Services: Kevin Eugene Newman
  • Vice-president of Executive Council: Denis James Killen
  • Minister for Industry and Commerce: Philip Reginald Lynch (to 11 October 1982). Andrew Sharp Peacock (from 11 October 1982)
  • Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations: Ian Malcolm Macphee
  • Minister for Transport and Construction: Ralph James Dunnet Hunt (NCP)
  • Minister for Aviation: Wallace Clyde Fife
  • Minister for Education: Senator Peter Erne Baume
  • Minister for Foreign Affairs: Anthony Austin Street
  • Minister for Defence: Ian McCahon Sinclair (NCP)
  • Minister for Finance: Senator Margaret Georgina Constance Guilfoyle
  • Minister for Social Security: Senator Frederick Michael Chaney
  • Attorney-General: Senator Peter Drew Durack
  • Minister for Defence Support: Robert Ian Viner
  • Minister for Communications: Neil Anthony Brown
  • Minister for Health: James Joseph Carlton
  • Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs: John Charles Hodges
  • Minister for Aboriginal Affairs: Ian Bonython Cameron Wilson
  • Minister for the Capital Territory: William Michael Hodgman
  • Minister for Veterans' Affairs: Senator Anthony John Messner
  • Minister for Science and Technology: David Scott Thomson (NCP)
  • Minister for National Development and Energy: Senator John Leslie Carrick
  • Minister for Home Affairs and the Environment: Daniel Thomas McVeigh (NCP)


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