Fieseler Fi 333

The Fieseler Fi 333 was a prototype transport aircraft developed by Fieseler, and backed by the Luftwaffe. The aircraft was to use detachable pods of varying sizes to carry cargo, a system that would allow a rapid turnaround on the ground.[1] The very tall braced undercarriage was made unretractable so that the fuselage would be able to take the strain of the heavy cargo.[2]

Fi 333
A model of the Fieseler Fi 333 showing three possible configurations. Top: the aircraft carrying a cargo pod; Middle: the aircraft carrying no cargo; Bottom: the aircraft carrying the fuselage of another aircraft
Role Transport
National origin Nazi Germany
Manufacturer Fieseler
Status Cancelled
Primary user Luftwaffe
Number built None

The cargo pod system was tested on several other Fieseler and Messerschmitt aircraft, but shortly after these tests the project was cancelled.[3]

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