Festival du nouveau cinéma

The Festival du nouveau cinéma or FNC (meaning Festival of New Cinema) is an annual independent film festival held in Montreal and features independent films from around the world.[1] Over 160,000 people attend the festival each year. It's the oldest film festival of Canada.
The festival is an Academy Award qualifying festival for short films.

Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal
LocationMontreal, Quebec
Festival date9 - 20 october 2019


Founded in 1971, the Festival welcomes during twelve days Quebec, Canadian and international filmmakers in a friendly atmosphere where exchanges between industry professionals and the grand public is encouraged.

Throughout the years, the public has discovered filmmakers like François Girard, Atom Egoyan, Denis Villeneuve, Guy Maddin, Léa Pool, Jim Jarmusch, Abbas Kiarostami, Spike Lee, Wim Wenders, Raymond Depardon, Jane Campion, Pedro Almodóvar, Wong Kar-wai, Peter Greenaway, Chantal Akerman and Marguerite Duras.


  • Compétition internationale highlighting the unique perspectives of the filmmakers who will shape tomorrow's cinema
  • Compétition nationale, homegrown Canadian cinema
  • Temps Ø, the wild bunch or bold cinematic rebels and adventurous films
  • Incontournables, the greatest names in cinema
  • Les Nouveaux alchimistes, a selection of films pushing the limits, breaking the rules and exploring the boundless creative potential that the medium offers
  • Panorama international, international feature films
  • Histoire(s) du cinéma, look-backs on the works that have left their mark
  • Présentations spéciales, an eclectic section presenting unusual works
  • FNC Explore, immersive, interactive and virtual reality programmes that are free and open for all
  • FNC Forum, an industry network incubator
  • P'tits loups, new cinema for children young and old
  • Les Rencontres pancanadiennes du cinéma étudiant or RPCE, a national competition of short student films
  • The Compétition nationale section (meaning National competition) was previously known as Focus Québec/Canada and was created in 2006
  • The Temps Ø section was created in 2004
  • The FNC Lab section was divised into two sections in 2016: Les Nouveaux alchimistes and FNC Explore
  • The FNC Forum section was previously known as FNC Pro and Open Source
  • The RCPÉ (meaning Pan-Canadian Student Meetings) was created in 2015
  • The P'tits loups section (meaning Little wolves) was created in 2008


  • Louve d'or
  • Daniel Langlois Innovation Award
  • Prix d’interprétation
  • Fipresci Prize
  • Focus Grand Prize
  • Loup argenté - short film
  • Grand Prix Focus Short Film
  • Temps Ø People's Choice Award
  • Nouveaux alchimistes Prize
  • Experimentation Award
  • Dada Award
  • P'tits loups Award

Few important moments

The festival was founded in 1971 by Claude Chamberlan and Dimitri Eipidès. The festival went through several name changes.

  • 1971: Festival international du cinéma en 16mm de Montréal (Montreal International 16mm Film Festival).
  • 1980: Renamed Festival international du nouveau cinéma de Montréal (Montreal International Festival of New Cinema)
  • 1984: Renamed Festival international du nouveau cinéma et de la vidéo de Montréal (Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and Video)
  • 1995: Renamed Nouveau festival international, cinéma, vidéo et nouvelles technologies de Montréal (New Montreal International Festival of Cinema, Video and New Technologies);
  • 1997: Renamed Festival international du nouveau cinéma et des nouveaux médias de Montréal or FCMM (Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media) as a result of the merger with the Festival international du court métrage de Montréal (Montreal International Short Film Festival).
  • 2001: The Festival celebrated its 30th anniversary by offering an extraordinary selection and a commemorative book summarizing the festival's 30-year history.
  • 2004: Adopted the current name Festival du nouveau cinéma (Festival of New Cinema).


In 2004 Daniel Langlois, director of FNC since 1999, left the organization to begin the Festival International de Films de Montréal (known in English as New Montreal FilmFest), which was initiated and created with the support of SODEC (Société de développement des entreprises culturelles) and Telefilm Canada after a dispute between these Canadian government sponsors and the Montreal World Film Festival.

Langlois initially programmed the Festival International de Films de Montréal (New Montreal FilmFest) to coincide with the Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM). According to press reports pertaining to the controversy between the Montreal World Film Festival and the New Montreal FilmFest, Langlois planned to merge the two festivals, but failed to do so when the FCMM refused any such merger. The dates for the inaugural New Montreal FilmFest were ultimately changed to avoid conflicting with the dates of the FCMM.

In 2005, both the FNC and the New Montreal FilmFest came under new management. In early 2006, the New Montreal FilmFest folded after the failure of its inaugural festival. Both the FNC and the Montreal World Film Festival continue to exist.

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