Fens Primary School

Fens Primary School is a mixed primary school and nursery located in the southern area of Hartlepool, County Durham, England. It is overseen by Hartlepool Local Education Authority. Around 430 children are educated in ages 3–11.[1]

Fens Primary School
Mowbray Road

, ,
TS25 2LY

Establishedc. 1965
Local authorityHartlepool Borough Council
Department for Education URN111600 Tables
Head teacherPeter Cornforth
Age3 to 11
Enrolmentapprox. 430


The school was established as a separate infant and junior school in 1965. In 1985, following the amalgamation of the two schools, Fens Primary School was formed.[2]

Fens Primary was, in May 2008, appointed to mentor and advise the failing Clavering Primary School.[3]

Academic standards

Following the March 2004 Ofsted inspection, the school was rated Very Good.[4][5] The Ofsted report described "excellent leadership" at the school.[6]

The school was placed in the top 5% in the country, in 2006, for the second year in a row.[7]

Fens Primary was awarded the Artsmark in 2007.[8][9][10]

The school was last inspected by Ofsted in January 2008, and was awarded an overall performance rating of Grade 1 Outstanding, point one on a four point scale, with pupils making good progress in their academic skills and personal development from very low starting points in the nursery.[1][11]

High standards continued in 2008-09 when the school scored well above both the national and local average in all measures.[12]

The arts

In an imaginative project, the school invited poet Andy Croft to spend a week with the year six children to encourage them to be creative with their thoughts about money.[13]


The headteacher, Peter Cornforth, was honoured by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown for exceptional school leadership.[14] he is one of the National College for School Leadership's 'National Leaders of Education'.[15]

Notable alumni


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