Felicia of Roucy

Felicia of Roucy (c.1060 – 3 May 1123) was a queen consort of Aragon and Navarre. She was a daughter of Hilduin IV of Montdidier and his wife Alice of Roucy.

Felicia de Roucy
Died(1123-05-03)3 May 1123
Noble familyHouse of Montdidier
Spouse(s)Sancho Ramírez
FatherHilduin IV of Montdidier
MotherAlice de Roucy

She was married in 1076 to Sancho Ramírez,[1] then king of Aragon after he had divorced his first wife, Isabella of Urgell. His accession to the crown of Navarre later that year made her the first Aragonese consort to also be Queen consort of Navarre. She is attested shortly before her husband's death and is now thought to have outlived Sancho (the supposed subsequent marriage of Sancho to a third wife, Philippa of Toulouse, appearing in a later chronicle, is now thought to be erroneous).

Felicia gave birth to three sons, Ferdinand, Alfonso and Ramiro, the latter two following her step-son Peter I of Aragon and Navarre in Aragon (Alfonso also in Navarre). Through Ramiro's only daughter Petronila of Aragon, she was ancestor of the later rulers of Aragon.


Felicia of Roucy
Born: circa 1060 Died: 3 May 1123
Royal titles
Preceded by
Isabella of Urgell
Queen consort of Aragon
Succeeded by
Agnes of Aquitaine
Preceded by
Queen consort of Navarre
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