Fein (company)

C. & E. Fein GmbH is a manufacturer of high-end power tools located in Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1867 by brothers Wilhelm and Carl Fein, the company invented the hand-held electric drill in 1895 and was responsible for many other innovations. Fein became famous for its grinders, electric screwdrivers and Fein Multimaster RS.

C. & E. Fein GmbH
FounderWilhelm Emil Fein 
HeadquartersSchwäbisch Gmünd formerly Stuttgart, Germany
ProductsProfessional power tools
Number of employees


In 1867, Wilhelm Emil Fein and his brother Carl founded a "mechanical workshop" in Stuttgart, the company C. & E. Fein. The first products of the company from 1873 were medical inductors. In 1895, Fein invented the world's first electric hand drill, which is considered the forerunner of power tools. The first "drill with electro-pneumatic hammer mechanism" was built in 1914 by the company and applied for a patent. Fein developed the first tin snips and the first jigsaw in 1927. In the 1950s , a handy small drill called " Fein-Zwerg " helped boost popularity.

The first power tool with oscillation technology was launched in 1967, at the time as a plaster band saw. In 1985, the company's first cordless screwdriver appeared. In 1987, the fine quick- clamping system QuickIN made the handling of angle grinders considerably safer. In 2007, the company presented a MultiMaster generation with QuickIN and better handling. In 2011, Fein presented the first handheld core drilling system for metal, KBH 25.

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