Feet of Clay (1960 film)

Feet of Clay is a 1960 British crime film directed by Frank Marshall, written by Mark Grantham, and starring Vincent Ball, Wendy Williams and Hilda Fenemore.[1]

Feet of Clay
Directed byFrank Marshall
Produced byEdward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Written byMark Grantham
StarringVincent Ball
Wendy Williams
Music byBill Le Sage
CinematographyJames Wilson
Edited byDesmond Saunders
Release date
CountryUnited Kingdom


A newly barred lawyer represents a confessed murderer of a beloved probation officer, but all is not as it seems.


Critical reception

The film historians Steve Chibnall and Brian McFarlane describe Feet of Clay as "oddly compelling", "set in a world of prison, drab night streets and stuffy private hotels". At the ending, "once the final flurry of fisticuffs is over, the young lovers embrace, but the acrid atmosphere of the film still hovers over their union".[2]


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