Feather Your Nest

Feather Your Nest is a 1937 British musical comedy film directed by William Beaudine and starring George Formby, Polly Ward and Enid Stamp-Taylor.[1]

Feather Your Nest
Directed byWilliam Beaudine
Produced byBasil Dean
Written byIvar Campbell
Sheila Campbell
Robert Edmunds
Anthony Kimmins
Austin Melford
Val Valentine
StarringGeorge Formby
Polly Ward
Enid Stamp-Taylor
Gilbert Russell
Music byErnest Irving
CinematographyGordon Dines
Ronald Neame
Edited byErnest Aldridge
Distributed byAssociated British Film Distributors
Release date
March 1937
Running time
86 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


A worker at a gramophone record factory surprisingly creates a hit song, "Leaning on a Lamp-post".


Critical reception


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