Fatima Jebli Ouazzani

Fatima Jebli Ouazzani (born 1959) is a Moroccan-Dutch film director.


Born in Meknes in 1959,[1] Ouazzani moved to the Netherlands with her family in 1970. She left home at eighteen, and briefly studied psychology before enrolling at the Dutch Film School in Amsterdam, where she graduated with a degree in directing and scriptwriting in 1992.[2]

In My Father's House (1997) was a feature-length documentary dealing with Ouazzani's own struggles with the patriarchal gender expectations of her Moroccan family. The film debuted at the 1998 San Francisco Film Festival,[2] where it won the Golden Spire Award.[3] It managed to win top prize at the 1998 Moroccan National Film Festival, despite its subject matter meaning that it received no commercial screening in Morocco,[1] and also won the Golden Calf for Best Long Documentary at the Netherlands Film Festival and the Iris Prize Best European Documentary.[3]


  • (as assistant director) Het labyrint der lusten [Labyrinth of Lust], 1991.
  • (as director) In het huis van mijn vader [In My Father's House], 1997.


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