Father O'Flynn

Father O'Flynn is a 1935 British musical film directed by Wilfred Noy and Walter Tennyson and starring Thomas F. Burke, Jean Adrienne and Robert Chisholm. It was made Shepperton Studios.[1]

Father O'Flynn
Directed byWilfred Noy
Walter Tennyson
Produced byWilfred Noy
Written byFrank Miller
StarringThomas F. Burke
Jean Adrienne
Robert Chisholm
CinematographyStanley Rodwell
Edited byChallis Sanderson
Distributed byButcher's Film Service
Release date
November 1935
Running time
82 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


  • Thomas F. Burke as Father O'Flynn
  • Jean Adrienne as Macushla Westmacott
  • Robert Chisholm as Nigel Robertson
  • Henry Oscar as Westmacott
  • Ralph Truman as Fawcett
  • Dorothy Vernon as Bridget O'Flynn
  • Denis O'Neil as Tim Flannagan
  • Johnnie Schofield as Cassidy
  • Louis Goodrich as Sir John Robertson
  • Billy Holland as Muldoon, mob leader
  • Esma Lewis as Marie, French maid
  • Clifford Buckton
  • Robert Hobbs
  • Stanley Kirby
  • Ethel Revnell
  • The Sherman Fisher Girls as Dancers
  • Gracie West
  • Ian Wilson


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