Fantozzi contro tutti

Fantozzi contro tutti (Fantozzi against everyone) is a 1980 Italian comedy film is the third film in the saga of the unlucky clerk Ugo Fantozzi, played by its creator, Paolo Villaggio.

Fantozzi contro tutti
Directed byNeri Parenti
Paolo Villaggio
Written byPaolo Villaggio
Leonardo Benvenuti
Piero de Bernardi
Neri Parenti
StarringPaolo Villaggio
Milena Vukotic
Gigi Reder
Diego Abatantuono
Giuseppe Anatrelli
Plinio Fernando
Music byFred Bongusto
Josè Mascolo
Release date
  • 1980 (1980)
Running time
95 minutes

It is the first movie in which Fantozzi's wife, Pina, is played by Milena Vukotic. It also marks the final film appearance of actor Giuseppe Anatrelli, who died the following year.


Italy enters the 1980s: a decade of progress, innovation and tolerance, but not for most of the country and especially for the company where Ugo Fantozzi works, where he still endures oppression and injustice on the part of its directors.

Mountain trip

Fantozzi's colleague Filini arranges for the entire office to go on a mountain trip to South Tyrol. Once in the mountain town of St. Ulrich, they realize there are no ski runs available, having they arrived in May. To keep a promise made to his wife, Fantozzi checks into a weight loss clinic run by Prof. Birkermaier, a sadistic German nutritionist whose inhumane methods include fasting and corporal punishment. Birkermaier has Fantozzi watch him have dinner, but Fantozzi eventually gives in to Birkermaier's teasing and stuffs himself with the food on the table, uncaring of the punishment that awaits him.

Pina's love triangle

Fantozzi's wife Pina reveals to her husband that she has fallen in love with a mysterious other man. After investigating the house and tailing Pina, Fantozzi finds out her secret lover is a Southern young man working at the local bakery. Fantozzi confronts the young baker, who jokingly admits he had been teasing Pina for his own amusement, having no interest in her and being in fact disgusted by her sheer ugliness. Fantozzi returns home to find that Pina has decided to stay with him, having eavesdropped on the conversation between him and the baker.

Bicycle race

Back at work, the 106-year-old Heir Director dies from rubella, much to the joy of all employees. At the director's funeral, his successor is announced to be the fearsome Viscount Cobram, a cycling enthusiast who compels all the employees to take lengthy bike rides each day. Cobram organizes a long-distance bicycle race for the entire staff to compete in. Due to the extremely unfavorable conditions of the track and the employees' general clumsiness and poor physical shape, most of the contenders do not make it to the finish line. However Fantozzi, who is doped on a mysterious drug, manages to win the race but inadvertedly throws himself into a hearse that had been prepared for the event.

On a cruise

Then Fantozzi and Filini are invited by another than they take a trip on his luxury yacht. However, the two accountants do not know that the man is very bad and use them as hubs and serve.

The writing in the sky

After an exhausting office meeting, a disgruntled Fantozzi formulates and offensive remark against the Mega-president, but the phrase actually appears in the sky in his own handwriting. All the employees are screened for graphoanalysis until Fantozzi is found to be the author of the slur. The Mega-president himself appears in archangel attire and forgives Fantozzi, but not before humiliating him by having the name on the writing replaced with Fantozzi's for everyone to see.

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