Fantastico (TV program)

Fantastico was an Italian Saturday night variety show broadcast by Rai 1 from 1979 to 1991, with an interruption in 1980, when it was replaced by the game show Scacco matto. The TV program was linked with the Italian national lottery, and every edition consisted of 13 episodes with the final episode broadcast on 6 January, with the extraction of the winning tickets.[1]

Country of originItaly
Original language(s)Italian
Original networkRai 1
Picture format4:3 Color
Original release1979 

The show was generally different in its structure from one edition to another; the first edition was seen by an average of 23.6 million viewers.[1] During the years the ratings dropped, and after a disappointing edition hosted by Raffaella Carrà and Johnny Dorelli (7.8 million viewers) the show was replaced by the variety-quiz Scommettiamo che?.[1]

An attempt to revive the show was made in 1997, but Fantastico Enrico (so titled as a reference to the presenter Enrico Montesano) obtained low ratings and Montesano eventually abandoned the show.[1]

Several opening songs of the show charted, and two of them (Heather Parisi's "Disco Bambina" and "Cicale") peaked first at the Italian hit parade.[2]


# Year Presenters
11979Loretta Goggi with Beppe Grillo and Heather Parisi
21981Walter Chiari, Oriella Dorella, Heather Parisi, Romina Power, Memo Remigi, Gigi Sabani and Claudio Cecchetto
31982Corrado and Raffaella Carrà with Gigi Sabani and Renato Zero
41983Gigi Proietti with Heather Parisi and Teresa De Sio
51984Pippo Baudo with Heather Parisi, Eleonora Brigliadori and José Luis Moreno
61985Pippo Baudo with Lorella Cuccarini, Galyn Görg and Beppe Grillo
71986Pippo Baudo with Lorella Cuccarini, Alessandra Martines, the Trio Lopez-Marchesini-Solenghi and Nino Frassica
81987Adriano Celentano with Marisa Laurito, Heather Parisi, Massimo Boldi and Maurizio Micheli
91988Enrico Montesano and Anna Oxa
101989Massimo Ranieri with Anna Oxa, Alessandra Martines, Giancarlo Magalli and Andy Luotto
111990Pippo Baudo with Marisa Laurito, Giorgio Faletti and Jovanotti
121991Raffaella Carrà and Johnny Dorelli, with Gianfranco D'Angelo


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