Fancy Dress (1919 film)

Fancy Dress is a 1919 British silent comedy film directed by Kenelm Foss and starring Godfrey Tearle, Ivy Duke and Guy Newall.[1] A lawyer hires a strolling player to impersonate an aristocrat.

Fancy Dress
Directed byKenelm Foss
Produced byGeorge Clarke
Guy Newall
Written byKenelm Foss
StarringGodfrey Tearle
Ivy Duke
Guy Newall
Lucky Cat Films
Distributed byIdeal Films
Release date
September 1919
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles


  • Godfrey Tearle as Tony Broke
  • Ivy Duke as Hebe
  • Guy Newall as Earl of Richborne
  • Will Corrie as The Guv
  • Elaine Madison as Eighth Wonder
  • Frank Miller as Dick Scribe
  • George Tawde as Mike
  • Kitty Barlow as Ma
  • Patricia Stannard as Mrs. Van Graft
  • Bryan Powley as Mr. Rong
  • James English as Mr. Wright


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