Fairview Pointe-Claire

Fairview Pointe-Claire (corporately styled as "CF Fairview Pointe-Claire"), also known as Fairview Centre (or Centre Fairview in French), or Fairview, is one of the biggest super regional shopping malls on the island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has about 1,000,000 square feet (92,900 m2) spread on two levels of shopping space. It is located in the city of Pointe-Claire at the intersection of Trans-Canada Highway and Saint-Jean Boulevard. More than 200 stores occupy the mall.[2]

Fairview Pointe-Claire
LocationPointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45°27′50″N 73°49′52″W
Address6801 Transcanada Highway
Opening dateAugust 12th, 1965 [1]
DeveloperCadillac Development Corporation
ManagementCadillac Fairview
OwnerCadillac Fairview & Ivanhoé Cambridge
No. of stores and services200
No. of anchor tenants6
Total retail floor area1,000,000 square feet (92,900 m2)
No. of floors2

Fairview Pointe-Claire is jointly owned at 50% by Cadillac Fairview and 50% by Ivanhoé Cambridge; the former is also the manager of the mall. Fairview Pointe-Claire is the oldest of Cadillac Fairview's self-branded "four Fashion centres" that also include the Carrefour Laval, Les Promenades Saint-Bruno and Les Galeries d'Anjou. The major tenants are Hudson's Bay, Déco Découverte, Winners, HomeSense, Sports Experts/Atmosphere and Best Buy.


Fairview Pointe-Claire was inaugurated in 1965 with Simpsons, Steinberg's, Eaton's, Pascal's, and some 70 other stores. Notable tenants included Ogilvy's and Woolworth's. Fairview Pointe-Claire was a single level mall at the time; only anchors Simpsons, Eaton's and Pascal's had two floors. Simpsons purchased a replica of Michelangelo's Statue of David and installed it in the mall's hallway, a move that was met with criticism.[3][4]

Fairview Pointe-Claire was originally the joint property of Simpsons Limited and Cemp Investments, and managed by Fairview Shopping Centres Ltd (a subsidiary of Cemp Investments).[5] It initially had a size of more than 580,000 square feet (53,900 m2).[5] At the time of its opening, Fairview Pointe-Claire was the first enclosed shopping mall in the West Island, the first shopping centre in Quebec with either a Simpsons or Eaton's store, as well as the second largest mall in all of Canada.[5] The mall was built by Cadillac Development Corporation, the same company that later merged with Fairview Corporation in 1974 to create Cadillac Fairview.[6][7]

On May 20, 1976, Simpsons opened a third floor to its store to go from 127,000 to 170,000 square feet (11,800 to 15,800 m2) of retail space.[8] The addition of an extra floor did not bring any change to Simpsons' outdoor appearance because even though it and Eaton's inaugurated in 1965 as two-level stores, they were both built with the capacity to house up to four floors each.[8][5]

In 1985, Fairview Pointe-Claire was extensively converted to a two-level shopping mall whose renovation was completed almost to the day of its 20th anniversary.[4] The mall increased in size to 1,100,000 square feet (102,193 m2) with nearly 200 tenants as a result of this expansion.[4] Among the additions were the introduction of the current food court and a third floor for Eaton's which, like Simpsons nine years earlier, changed nothing to the exterior look of the store. The expansion allowed Fairview Pointe-Claire to be the largest mall belonging to Cadillac Fairview in Quebec in 1985.[9]

Simpsons became The Bay in March 1989.[10][11]

Pascal's declared bankruptcy in 1991.[12] Aventure Électronique took over the space.[13] Pascal's former indoor entrance (located on the first floor of Eaton's mall wing) was not reserved for Aventure Électronique and was instead broken up into space for boutiques.

A Sears was built on the south side of the mall and opened in August 12, 1992.[14][15] It relocated in 2001 to Eaton's former location.[16][17] Sears's original location is now home to Winners/HomeSense, Sports Experts/Atmosphere, Renaud-Bray, Old Navy and Starbucks Coffee.

Déco Découverte opened its first Quebec store during the summer of 2001 in Super C's former space (originally Steinberg's).[17] In 2005, a Best Buy was built in the place of the demolished Pascal's/Aventure Électronique building.[18] Like Aventure Électronique, Best Buy can only be accessed from outdoors.

It was announced in September 2017 that the Sears at Fairview Pointe-Claire was targeted for closure along with nine other stores all located outside of Quebec.[19] The Pointe-Claire location closed in late 2017.[20] The second and third floors of the location is scheduled to be replaced by Simons in 2021 and the first level repurposed for dining.[21]

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