Fadden Ministry

The Fadden Ministry was the twenty-ninth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 28 August 1941 to 7 October 1941.[1]

Fadden Ministry

29th Ministry of Australia
Date formed28 August 1941
Date dissolved7 October 1941
People and organisations
MonarchGeorge VI
Governor-GeneralThe Earl of Gowrie
Prime MinisterArthur Fadden
No. of ministers19
Member partyCoalition (CountryUAP)
Status in legislatureMinority government
Opposition partyLabor
Opposition leaderJohn Curtin
PredecessorThird Menzies Ministry
SuccessorFirst Curtin Ministry

It considered of thirteen members of the United Australia Party (UAP) and six members of the Country Party. The two parties had been in a coalition since the formation of the Second Menzies Ministry on 14 March 1940. Menzies resigned as prime minister after losing the support of the UAP, and a joint meeting of the two parties subsequently elected Fadden – the leader of the Country Party – as his replacement.

The Fadden Ministry was replaced by the First Curtin Ministry after just 40 days in office, having lost a confidence motion. It was in minority government for its duration.


There were no honorary or assistant ministers appointed.

Minister Portrait Portfolio
  Arthur Fadden MP
  Robert Menzies KC MP
  Billy Hughes CH KC MP
  Percy Spender KC MP
  Senator George McLeay
  John McEwen MP
  Senator Harry Foll
  Sir Earle Page GCMG MP
  Sir Frederick Stewart MP
  Senator Philip McBride
  Eric Harrison MP
  Harold Holt MP
  Senator Herbert Collett
  Thomas Collins MP
  Senator John Leckie
  Larry Anthony MP
  Eric Spooner MP
  • Minister for War Organisation of Industry
  Joe Abbott MP
  Allan McDonald MP


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