Face in the Night

Face in the Night is a 1957 British crime film directed by Lance Comfort and starring Griffith Jones, Lisa Gastoni and Vincent Ball.[1] It was based on the novel Suspense by prolific crime writer Bruce Graeme.[2] The film was released in the U.S. as Menace in the Night.

Face in the Night
U.S. poster
Directed byLance Comfort
Produced byCharles Leeds
Written byBruce Graeme (novel)
Norman Hudis
John Sherman
StarringGriffith Jones
Lisa Gastoni
Vincent Ball
Eddie Byrne
Music byRichard Rodney Bennett
CinematographyArthur Graham
Edited byPeter Pitt
Gibraltar Films
Distributed byGrand National Pictures
United Artists (US)
Release date
June 1957
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom


A young woman witnesses a mailbag robbery that ends with a dead postman, but she is intimidated into not coming forward.


Critical reception

Allmovie wrote, "this British crime quickie reads rather better than it plays";[3] while TV Guide wrote that the film is "hampered by some less-than-impressive camerawork";[4] but Sky Movies noted "a crisp thriller, economic in length but correspondingly fast in pace and actionful." [5]


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