Fabrizio Capucci

Fabrizio Capucci (born 4 August 1939) is an Italian former actor and producer.

Fabrizio Capucci
Catherine Spaak and Fabrizio Capucci, 1963.
Born (1939-08-04) 4 August 1939

Life and career

Born in Rome, the brother of the fashion designer Roberto, Capucci studied acting at the drama school held by Pietro Sharoff in his hometown.[1] After appearing in several supporting roles, he had his breakout with the role of Max in Florestano Vancini's The Warm Life.[1] He was also active in a number of television miniseries and recorded some singles.[1]

After retiring from acting, Capucci started a career as a producer of commercials.[2] In 2004 he ran in the Lazio regional election for the Union of Democrats for Europe party, without being elected.[2] He was also president of the football team Viterbese for two years.[2]

Capucci was married to actress Catherine Spaak.[1][2]

Selected filmography


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