F (S-train)

F is the service designation for trains on the ring line of Copenhagen's S-train network. It runs from about 05:00 to 01:00 from Ny Ellebjerg to Hellerup. Trains run every 5 minutes between about 7:00 and 19:00 on Monday to Friday, and every 10 minutes in weekends, early morning and late evening/night. On Friday and Saturday nights there is also a 30 minutes service throughout the night. In 2024 this line will be driverless and in service 24/7.

KB Hallen
Vigerslev Allé
Ny Ellebjerg


See Ringbanen for a fuller history.

NameSouthern endYearsNorthern end
1c Ringbanen:
to Frederiksberg
1934–1950 Klampenborgbanen:
to Hellerup; often extended to Klampenborg
F 1950–1989
1989–1998 terminated at Hellerup
to Solbjerg (later renamed Fasanvej ) 1998–1999 to Klampenborg in day hours
to Vanløse 2000–2001
to C.F. Richsvej (temporary station) 2002–2003 terminates at Hellerup
to Flintholm 2004
to Gammel Køge Landevej (temporary station) 2005–2006
to Ny Ellebjerg 2007-

Fx, M, F+

The ring line also has a history of supplementary services with other designations than F. At some times the variant service letters have been used to indicate which trains continued from Hellerup to Klampenborg. In other periods it has simply been because then-prevalent principles mandated that a single service letter such as F could not be used for more than exactly 3 trains an hour, so in parts of the day when more trains ran, extra services had to be invented.

NameSouthern endYearsNorthern end
Fx Ringbanen:
to Frederiksberg in rush hours
1972–1979 terminated at Hellerup
no supplement 1979–1989
M Ringbanen:
to Frederiksberg
1989–1998 terminated at Hellerup
to Solbjerg (later renamed Fasanvej) 1998–1999
to Vanløse 2000–2001
F+ to C.F. Richsvej (temporary station) 2002–2003 Klampenborgbanen:
to Klampenborg in day hours
to Flintholm 2004
to Gammel Køge Landevej (temporary station), all week/all day 2005 to Klampenborg daytime Sat-Sun
2006 to Klampenborg in daytime all week
to Ny Ellebjerg 2007
Joined into F from September 2007
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