FV Jutland

Jutland was a Canadian beam trawler based out of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Built in 1918 by the Boehner Bros., she was owned by LaHave Fishing Company.[2][3][4]

Name: "Jutland"
Owner: LaHave Fishing Company
Port of registry: LaHave, Nova Scotia
Builder: Boehner Bros.
Launched: 1918
Fate: Missing as of March 10, 1920
Status: Unknown
General characteristics
Tonnage: 136 tons[1]
Length: 135 ft (41 m)
Sail plan: Beam trawler


On March 10, 1920, Jutland left Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a crew of 21 heading to the Western Bank fishing grounds.[5] On the morning of March 11, the Halifax steam trawler Lemberg discovered two dories approximately 160 kilometers (86 nautical miles) southeast of Halifax.[5][6] Both dories were damaged and full of water.[5] The body of John R. Ellison, a mate of Jutland, was discovered aboard one of the dories.[5][6] The bodies of the 20 other crew members were never found.[5] Various theories on what happened to Jutland have been examined, from an explosion to a collision.[5]


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