FM H-12-46

The FM H-12-46 was a light road switcher of Fairbanks-Morse design manufactured exclusively by the Canadian Locomotive Company from October, 1951January, 1953 for the Canadian National Railway. Only thirty of the 1,200 hp, six-cylinder opposed piston engine locomotives were produced. The units (assigned #7600#7629) were configured in an A1A-A1A wheel arrangement, mounted atop a pair of three-axle trucks.

FM H-12-46
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel
Build dateOctober 1951
January 1953
Total produced30
Gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Prime moverFM 38D-8 1/8
Engine type2-stroke diesel
AspirationRoots blower
Displacement6,222 in³ (101.8 L)
Cylinders6 (Opposed piston)
Cylinder size8.125 in × 10 in
(206 mm × 254 mm)
TransmissionDC generator,
DC traction motors
Loco brakeStraight air
Train brakesAir
Performance figures
Maximum speed60  mph (97 km/h)
Power output1,200 hp (895 kW)
LocaleNorth America

Externally, they boasted many of the same Raymond Loewy design influences found on the larger and more powerful FM H-16-66 model, some of which were built during the same period. None of the units are known to exist today.


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