Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports

The Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS; English: International Federation of Roller Sports) was the world governing body for roller sports, including skateboarding, rink hockey, inline hockey, inline speed skating, inline alpine, downhill, roller derby, roller freestyle, inline freestyle, aggressive inline skating, inline figure skating and artistic roller skating. It was established in April 1924 in Montreux, Switzerland by two Swiss sportsmen, Fred Renkewitz and Otto Myer, who had close connections to the International Olympic Committee.[1][2][3]

Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports
FormationApril 1924
ExtinctionSeptember 2017
(merged into World Skate)
TypeFederation of national associations
HeadquartersLausanne, Switzerland
Region served
Sabatino Aracu
First Vice-President
Ricardo Grin
AffiliationsInternational Olympic Committee

The FIRS gathered more than 100 national federations, including countries from every continent and they are affiliated with the International Skating Union.

A proposal to dissolve the federation and merge with the International Skateboarding Federation to form a new body known as World Skate was ratified in September 2017.[4] Since 2017 World Skate has organised the World Roller Games, comprising all the world roller sport disciplines as regulated by the World Skate international federation.[5]


The FIRS aimed to foster the Roller Sports movement and participation on a global scale. Its areas of responsibility were as follows:

  1. Administration and Regulations
  2. Organizing international competitions
  3. Developing the movement worldwide
  4. Promoting

The authority of FIRS was recognized by the following organizations:

FIRS recognized the following continental confederations:

Each continental confederation comprises or recognizes, in turn, various national governing bodies and associations.

Skating is considered to be one of the most complete physical exercises that exist and enjoys huge popularity on a world level. According to the latest estimations, there are more than 40 million habitual users of recreational skates throughout the world.

FIRS Roller Hockey Competitions

Club Competitions
National Teams Competitions

Disciplines and World Championships

Number Name World Championships Edition First and Last Edition (Year)
1 Inline Speed Skating (Speed) Roller Speed Skating World Championships 65 1937 / 2016
2 Inline Freestyle Skating (Slalom) Inline Freestyle World Championships 10 2007 / 2016
3 Artistic Roller Skating (Artistic) Artistic Skating World Championships 15 2002 / 2016
4 Roller Freestyle Skating (Aggressive) Roller Freestyle Skating World Championships 0 -
5 Inline Downhill Skating (Downhill) Inline Downhill World Championships 16 2000 / 2015
6 Inline Alpine Skating (Alpine) Inline Alpine World Championships 4 2008 / 2016
7 Skateboarding FIRS Skateboarding World Championships 0 -
8 Inline Hockey FIRS Inline Hockey World Championships 22 1995 / 2016
9 Roller hockey FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup 42 1936 / 2017
10 Roller Derby FIRS Roller Derby World Championships 0 -

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