Eytan Fox

Eytan Fox (Hebrew: איתן פוקס; born on August 21, 1964) is an Israeli film director.

Eytan Fox
Fox at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival world premiere of Yossi's Story
Born (1964-08-21) August 21, 1964
OccupationFilm director, producer, screenwriter
Partner(s)Gal Uchovsky


Eytan Fox was born in New York City. His family immigrated to Israel when he was two. His father, Seymour Fox, was a Conservative rabbi and a professor of Jewish education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.[1] His mother, Sara Kaminker-Fox, was the head of the Jerusalem city council and involved in Jerusalem urban planning. Fox has two brothers, David and Danny.[2] He grew up in Jerusalem, served in the army, and studied at Tel Aviv University's School of Film and Television. He is openly gay and many of his films contain themes of homosexuality, as well as the effect the Israeli–Palestinian conflict has on interpersonal relationships.[3]

Fox and his partner, Gal Uchovsky,[4] have a long-term relationship.[5] They are also professional collaborators, Uchovsky, a screenwriter, producer and journalist, is involved in much of the scriptwriting for Fox's movies.[6]

His 2002 film Yossi & Jagger is a portrayal of the love between two young Jewish military men while completing their mandatory national service. In 2004 film Walk on Water, he takes on the thorny topics of racism/discrimination and confronting the Nazi past of two young upper class Germans. Lior Ashkenazi plays a Mossad assassin under cover as a tour guide. In 2006 film The Bubble, he asks the big question: What is love? as the film follows three young Tel Aviv residents, a female political activist and her two gay roommates, one of whom (the same actor from Yossi & Jagger) falls in love with a Palestinian (who also appears as a waiter) while on border guard duty as part of his national military service.


In 2006, Fox was the first recipient of the Washington Jewish Film Festival's Decade Award, a prize given to a filmmaker whose work has made a significant contribution to Jewish cinema over a period of at least ten years.[7]


TV series
  • Florentin (1997, TV series)
  • Tamid Oto Chalom (2009, TV series) released in UK and US in 2011 as Mary Lou, and starring Ido Rosenberg, Alon Levi, and Dana Frider


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