Eye Care Foundation

Eye Care Foundation (ECF) is an international charity organisation active in over 20 countries in Asia[3] and Africa.[4][5]

Eye Care Foundation (ECF)
Founded1984 (1984)
Founded atAmsterdam
TypeInternational non-governmental organization
HeadquartersAmsterdam, Netherlands
Area served
Björn Stenvers[1][2]

ECF was founded when Eyecare Worldwide and Mekong Eye Doctors joined forces in 2008.[6] The two organizations shared the same objectives and working together as the current foundation has proved to be more efficient and effective.

Eyecare Worldwide (1984) was founded by a Dutch ophthalmologist who was moved by the plight of the high number of people who suffered from blindness that could be cured or even prevented. Mekong Eye Doctors (1993) was founded by a Dutch biochemist after he had been in Thailand to conduct eye research.

Eye Care Foundation has offices and hospitals in the Himalayan region (Nepal), Southeast Asia (Vietnam[7], Cambodia, Laos) and Africa (Tanzania).[8]


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