Expedition 52

Expedition 52 is the 52nd expedition to the International Space Station. It officially began on June 2, 2017 10:47 UTC, with the undocking of Soyuz MS-03. Transfer of Command from Expedition 51 was done on June 1, 2017.[1]

ISS Expedition 52
Expedition 52 crew photo
Mission typeISS Expedition
Space StationInternational Space Station
Began2 June 2017 UTC[1]
Ended3 September 2017 UTC
Arrived aboardSoyuz MS-03
Soyuz MS-04
Soyuz MS-05
Departed aboardSoyuz MS-04
Soyuz MS-05
Crew size6
MembersExpeditions 50/51/52:
Peggy A. Whitson
Expeditions 51/52:
Fyodor Yurchikhin
Jack D. Fischer
Expeditions 52/53:
Sergey Ryazansky
Randolph J. Bresnik
Paolo Nespoli

Due to a decision to cut down the number of participating Russian cosmonauts in 2017, only two crew members were launched on Soyuz MS-04, which brought the ISS total crew down to five people.[2] However, it was later decided that Peggy Whitson would stay on board longer, transferring from Expedition 51 to maintain a full crew of six astronauts over the summer, after the arrival of three new members on Soyuz MS-05.[3] Expedition 51 officially ended on September 3, 2017 11:47 UTC, with the undocking of Soyuz MS-04.[4]


Position First Part
(June 1 to July 2017)
Second Part
(July to September 2017)
Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin, RSA
Fifth spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 Jack Fischer, NASA
Only spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 Peggy Whitson, NASA
Third and last spaceflight
Flight Engineer 3 Randy Bresnik, NASA
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 4 Sergey Ryazansky, RSA
Second and last spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5 Paolo Nespoli, ESA
Third and last spaceflight


EVA # Spacewalkers Start (UTC) End (UTC) Duration
1. Fyodor Yurchikhin

Sergei Ryazanski

August 17, 2017


August 17, 2017


7 hours 34 minutes
Retrieved the "Restavratsiya" (Restoration) Experiment Hardware, Launched 5 Nano Satellites one of them being a Sputnik satellite named "Zerkalo" which was launched to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the original Sputnik and the birth of rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Cleaned the windows on the Russian segment and installed "Test" containers on the hatches of the Pirs Docking Compartment and the Poisk Module, Retrieved CKK 9M9 cassettes from Zvezda, Installed Struts, Gap Spanners, and Handrails on Zvezda in preparation for the arrival of Nauka in the future, Installed the "Impact" trays by the Zvezda thrusters, and photographed the aft end of Zvezda and the "OHA" Antenna, Installed Struts, Gap Spanners, Handrails, and Ladders on Poisk, Photographed the Russian Segment.

Uncrewed spaceflights to the ISS

Resupply missions that visited the International Space Station during Expedition 52:

- ISS flight number
Country Mission Launcher Launch
Duration (Docked) Deorbit
SpaceX CRS-11
- CRS SpX-11
 United States Logistics Falcon 9 3 Jun 2017, 21:07:17 5 Jun 2017, 16:07 3 Jul 2017, 06:41 27d 14h 34m 3 Jul 2017
Progress MS-06
- ISS 67P
 Russia Logistics Soyuz-2.1a 14 Jun 2017, 09:20:13 16 Jun 2017, 11:37 28 Dec 2017, 01:03:30 194d 13h 26m 28 Dec 2017
SpaceX CRS-12
- CRS SpX-12
 United States Logistics Falcon 9 14 Aug 2017, 16:31:00 16 Aug 2017, 10:52 17 Sep 2017, 08:40 31d 21h 48m 17 Sep 2017


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