Expedition 23

Expedition 23 (Russian: МКС-23) was the 23rd long-duration mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Expedition 23 began with the Soyuz TMA-16 undocking on 18 March 2010. Shortly thereafter cosmonauts Aleksandr Skvortsov and Mikhail Korniyenko and astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson arrived at the Space Station on Soyuz TMA-18 on 4 April 2010.[1] The Soyuz spacecraft lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at 00:04 EST on 2 April 2010.[2]

ISS Expedition 23
Mission typeISS Expedition
Mission duration76 days, 16 hours, 1 minute
Space StationInternational Space Station
Began18 March 2010, 08:03 (2010-03-18UTC08:03Z) UTC
Ended2 June 2010, 00:04 (2010-06-02UTC00:05Z) UTC
Arrived aboardSoyuz TMA-17
Soyuz TMA-18
Departed aboardSoyuz TMA-17
Soyuz TMA-18
Crew size6
MembersExpedition 22/23:
Oleg Kotov
Soichi Noguchi
Timothy Creamer

Expedition 23/24:
Aleksandr Skvortsov
Mikhail Korniyenko
Tracy Caldwell Dyson

(l-r) Korniyenko, Caldwell Dyson, Skvortsov, Kotov, Creamer and Noguchi


Position First part
(March 2010 to April 2010)
Second part
(April 2010 to June 2010)
Commander Oleg Kotov, RSA
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 Soichi Noguchi, JAXA
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 Timothy Creamer, NASA
Only spaceflight
Flight Engineer 3 Aleksandr Skvortsov, RSA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 4 Mikhail Korniyenko, RSA
First spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5 Tracy Caldwell Dyson, NASA
Second spaceflight

Backup crew

Mission overview

Three Russian cosmonauts, two American and one Japanese astronauts made up the Expedition 23 crew. It was the first ISS crew to include three Russians at once.[4] The Expedition 23 crew continued outfitting the newest modules of the nearly completed space station. The crew welcomed the shuttle flight STS-131 in April 2010. The Expedition 23 crew also saw the arrival of the Rasvet Russian docking module (MRM1) aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-132, which launched on 14 May 2010.


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