Exercise Purple Warrior

Exercise Purple Warrior was a British military exercise conducted in south west Scotland in November, 1987.[1]

This exercise was designed to test lessons learned during the Falklands War. It was also a planning exercise for any military response should Scotland declare UDI and Westminster respond by launching a reoccupation of the country to regain control by British combined forces.

Most troops involved in this exercise left from Colchester by road to embark onto a small flotilla at Harwich docks and from there to the western coast of Scotland by beached landings. The Port Stanley situation was exercised from RAF West Freugh. HMS Illustrious was involved in the operation with 845 and 846 NAS embarked.[2] 1 and 43 squadrons from the RAF were also involved as part of "Blue force" (i.e., the invaders) seeking to capture West Freugh from "Orange force" (i.e., the defenders).[3]


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