Executive Council of the Northwest Territories

The Executive Council of the Northwest Territories or cabinet consists of six Ministers and a Premier elected by the 19 members of the Legislative Assembly.[1]

Ministers at present are as follows (current as of August 2019):[2]

Portfolio Minister


Minister of Executive and Indigenous Affairs
Bob McLeod

Deputy premier

Minister of Finance
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
Robert C. McLeod

Minister of Health and Social Services

Minister Responsible for the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission
Minister Responsible for the Public Utilities Board
Minister Responsible for Persons with Disabilities
Minister Responsible for Seniors
Government House Leader
Glen Abernethy

Minister of Education, Culture and Employment,

Minister Responsible for the Status of Women
Caroline Cochrane

Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs

Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation
Minister Responsible for Addressing Homelessness
Minister Responsible for Youth
Alfred Moses

Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment

Minister of Infrastructure
Wally Schumann

Minister of Lands

Minister of Justice
Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Minister Responsible for Public Engagement and Transparency
Louis Sebert


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