Excellence-class cruise ship

The Excellence-class,[1] including the sub-class designations of Helios-class[2] and XL-class,[3] is a class of cruise ships ordered by Carnival Corporation & plc for several of its subsidiary brands. The first, AIDAnova, entered service for AIDA Cruises in 2018, and subsequent ships will enter service for Costa Cruises from 2019, P&O Cruises from 2020, and Carnival Cruise Lines, also from 2020.

AIDAnova, the first ship in the class, in 2018
Class overview
Preceded by: Vista class
Built: 2017–present
In service: 2018–present
Planned: 9
Building: 5
Completed: 2
Active: 1


In March 2015, Carnival Corporation entered into a strategic partnership with Meyer Werft to build new ships between 2019 and 2022.[4] In June 2015, four ships were ordered for delivery between 2019 and 2020.[5][6] In September 2016, three more ships were ordered for Carnival Cruise Line and P&O Cruises for delivery in 2020 and 2022.[7]

The Excellence-class will be the first cruise ships in the world to be dual fueled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and traditional Fuel oil, which is intended to make them more environmentally friendly than traditional, diesel-powered ships.[6] Each ship is expected to cost $950 million.[8]


ShipSubclassBuiltOperatorBuilderGross tonnage[8]FlagIMO-numberNotesImageNewbuilding no.
AIDAnovaHelios-class[9]2018AIDA CruisesMeyer Werft183,900 Italy9781865World's first LNG-powered cruise ship.[10]S.696
Costa Smeralda2019Costa CruisesMeyer Turku183,900 Italy9781889Construction Started on 13 September 2017[11]NB 1394
IonaXL-class[3]2020P&O CruisesMeyer Werft183,9009826548Construction Started on 25 April 2018[12]S.710
Mardi GrasXL-class[13]2020Carnival Cruise LineMeyer Turku183,9009837444Construction started on 15 November 2018
keel laid on 18 June 2019[14]
NB 1396
AIDAcosmaHelios-class[9]2021AIDA CruisesMeyer Werft183,900Originally planned for 2020. Construction started on 15 August 2019.S.709
Costa Toscana2021Costa CruisesMeyer Turku183,9009781891Originally planned for 2020. Construction started on 30 July 2019.NB 1395
TBAXL-class[13]2022Carnival Cruise LineMeyer Turku183,900NB 1397
TBAXL-class[3]2022P&O CruisesMeyer Werft183,900S.716
TBAHelios-class[9]2023AIDA CruisesMeyer Werft183,900


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