Evidence Act 1950

The Evidence Act 1950 (Malay: Akta Keterangan 1950), is a Malaysian set of laws which were enacted to define the law of evidence.

Evidence Act 1950
CitationAct 56
Territorial extentThroughout Malaysia
Enacted1950 (Ordinance No. 11 of 1950)
Revised: 1971 (Act 56 w.e.f. 1 November 1971)
Effective[Peninsular Malaysia--23 May 1950, Ord. No. 11 of 1950;
Sabah and Sarawak--1 November 1971, P.U.(A) 261/1971]
Amended by
Federal Constitution (Modification of Laws) (Ordinances and Proclamations) Order 1958 [L.N. 332/1958]
Evidence Ordinance (Extension) Order 1971 [P.U.(A) 261/1971]
Corrigendum to P.U.(A) 261/1971 [P.U.(A) 280/1971]
Revision of Laws (Evidence Act) Order 1974 [P.U.(A) 239/1974]
Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment and Extension) Act 1976 [Act A324]
Constitution (Amendment) Act 1976 [Act A354]
Subordinate Courts Act (Extension) Order 1980 [P.U.(A) 357/1980]
Evidence (Amendment) Act 1989 [Act A729]
Evidence (Amendment) Act 1993 [Act A851]
Evidence (Amendment) Act 1997 [Act A978]
Status: In force


The Evidence Act 1950, in its current form (1 January 2006), consists of 3 Parts containing 11 chapters, 167 sections and no schedule (including 9 amendments).

  • Part I: Relevancy
    • Chapter I: Preliminary
    • Chapter II: Relevancy of Facts
      • General
      • Admissions and Confessions
      • Statements by Persons who cannot be called as Witnesses
      • Statements made under Special Circumstances
      • How much of a Statement to be proved
      • Judgments of Courts when relevant
      • Opinions of Third Persons when relevant
      • Character when relevant
  • Part II: Proof
    • Chapter III: Facts which need not be proved
    • Chapter IV: Oral Evidence
    • Chapter V: Documentary Evidence
      • Public Documents
      • Presumptions as to Documents
      • Documents Produced by a Computer
    • Chapter VI: Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence
  • Part III: Production and Effect of Evidence
    • Chapter VII: Burden of Proof
    • Chapter VIII: Estoppel
    • Chapter IX: Witnesses
    • Chapter X: Examination of Witnesses
    • Chapter XI: Improper Admission and Rejection of Evidence

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