Evangelical Church of Maraland

Evangelical Church of Maraland is a Church in southern Mizoram in Northeast India. It was founded by English missionary Rev. & Mrs Reginald Arthur Lorrain in 1907. It is the largest Church among Mara people. It is one of the three Mizoram Churches pioneered by English Missionaries in the 19th century. Others are Mizoram Presbyterian Church and Baptist Church of Mizoram.


Prior to his arrival in British India, the Rev. Reginald Arthur Lorrain founded Lakher Pioneer Mission in 1905 in London. Two years later he arrived in Saikao (also known as Serkawr), a sleepy town in Saiha District of Mizoram. He started the Church as an Independent Church of Maraland (ICM) which split later into Evangelical Church of Maraland, India ECMI and Congregational Church in India (Maraland), his ministry oversaw all the Mara inhabited areas of British India that included Mara people in Western Myanmar, who are now functioning as a separate church under the name of Mara Evangelical Church after India partition in 1947.

The Church held a series of celebration of the 100th year of Gospel to Mara people and land in September (26 September 2007) and November 2007.

Rev. S.T. Zawsi is the present Moderator of the Synod of Evangelical Church of Maraland.


Evangelical Church of Maraland (India) is a member of

The church had more than 30,000 members and 74 congregations in 2004.[1] And it also has partnership with Mara Evangelical Church in Myanmar.

Name factor

Evangelical Church of Maraland (India) continues to use the word "Maraland" signifying un-administered part of the world. Maraland was not part of any country until British conquered the area inhabited by Mara people in 1922,[2] whereas the Church was already founded in 1907.

Theologians holding doctorate degrees

  • Rev. Dr. T. Laikai, D.D (Senate of Serampore University, India),[3] 2004.
  • Rev. Dr. M. Zakonia, D.Min (United Theological Open University, India), 2002.
  • Rev. Dr. Laiu Fachhai, D.Th (Stellenbosch University, South Africa),[4] 2007.
  • Rev. Dr. S.T. Zawsi, D.Min (University of Jerusalem, India),[5] 2012.

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