Evacuation (The Bill)

"Evacuation" is an episode of British TV series The Bill, broadcast in 1988. The episode features one of the show's most early prominent events - the Sun Hill explosion of 1988. The episode was released on DVD as part of The Bill - Volume 3 in 2009.

The Bill episode
Episode no.Series 4
Episode 32
Directed byTerry Green
Written byEdwin Peace
Original air date2 November 1988 (1988-11-02)


PC Tony 'Yorkie' Smith is seen working at the front desk, confronted by a mass of civilians with a variety of complaints. He enters the waiting room to allow the next person in, and in doing so finds a single bag sitting below the counter. He alerts Duty Inspector Christine Frazer and Chief Inspector of Community Liaison Derek Conway, who has bomb disposal informed and the station cleared. Once bomb disposal officers arrive, Desk Sergeant Bob Cryer, and Chief Inspector Derek Conway reenter the building to ascertain if the building is safe. Moments before reaching the waiting room, the bomb detonates, blinding and setting alight the bomb disposal officer. No officers were hurt in the explosion.


Preceded by
Woodentop (1983)
Notable storylines
Succeeded by
The Don Beech Scandal (1999–2001)
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