Evacuate (band)

Evacuate is a 6 piece punk rock band from Southern California founded in 2007. With influences ranging from bands like the Sex Pistols, Chelsea, UK Subs, to hardcore acts like Broken Bones, Negative Approach and the English Dogs. Evacuate's releases and live sets cover a wide range of the punk rock spectrum.

Evacuate performing live in 2014
Background information
GenresStreet punk
Years active2007 - present
LabelsTaang!/Joe Pogo Records/Evacuate Records
Associated actsCheap Sex, Lab Rats, The Virus
  • Mike Virus
  • Karlos
  • Riff
  • Tony
  • Kevin Sayaka
  • Kevin K.
Past members
  • Sean
  • Brock Anderson
  • Phil Robles
  • Ryan Fetter
  • Danny
  • John Arias
  • John Cesena


In the beginning: 2007-2008

Started by founding members vocalist Mike Virus(ex- The Virus/Cheap Sex) and lead guitarist Karlos Evacuate(ex-Lab Rats), also featuring ex Cheap Sex members Brock on bass and guitarist Phil, and Ryan on drums. The original lineup wrote the first two Evacuate songs, "Convenience Killed Mankind"and "In My Dreams" Months later Phil,Brock and Ryan left to form side projects, and Mike and Karlos carried on recruiting bass player Sean, guitarist John A.(All Out Attak) and Danny (2nd Hand Justice)on drums, this lineup wrote songs “What Happened to Hardcore” and “Give you Nothing”, which were recorded along with the first two songs to complete Evacuate's first demo "Evacuate 2007". This lineup also wrote part of the first LP and played the first handful of shows. John A. left and was replaced by Tony on 2nd guitar and helped finish writing the first LP. After a few shows Danny left and was replaced by John C on drums.

Foundation: 2008-2010

This lineup recorded the band's first official release - the self-titled "Evacuate" CD/LP which was released in 2008 on Taang/Joe Pogo,and the "Endless War" ep on Czech label Voltage Records in 2010 and shared the stage with legendary acts like Fear, The Germs, Uk Subs and Bad Religion. This incarnation of Evacuate lasted 2 years until 2010 when Sean was replaced by Kevin Sayaka on bass.

Endless War Across Europe: 2010-2011

This lineup recorded Evacuate’s second full length offering "2012" also on Voltage released in late 2011, this lineup played regularly throughout 2010 and 2011 including a full tour of Europe with the Mad Pigs, also sharing the stage with European greats such as SS-Kaliert, Vox Populi and German punk legends Normahl! Evacuate also put together a great benefit show for the victims of Japan's catastrophic tsunami, which saw some great local bands and a room full of spiky punks pogoing like crazy for a great cause.

Trials and Tribulations: 2012-2013

2012 brought some adversity to the band with members Kevin Sayaka and Tony taking a hiatus from the band. Evacuate continued on as a 4 piece with Kevin Kane joining on bass...this lineup played a handful of shows including a debut show with the Vibrators, Kevin Sayaka returned on 2nd guitar from his hiatus and Evacuate continued as a 5 piece,this came with the announcement that Evacuate would be playing the legendary Rebellion Festival(formerly known as Holidays in the sun)in Blackpool,England, the band worked all of mid 2013 playing shows and raising funds to head across the pond. Then things took a bad turn with longtime drummer John C, having to leave the band to fight personal demons, leaving Evacuate with a commitment to play in England with no drummer,it seemed like all hope was lost until longtime friend Alan from the band Destruct offered to fill in for the trip. This coincided with Tony's return from hiatus and adding a third guitar adding an extra layer to Evacuate’s sound.

Anarchy in the UK: 2013 Continued

Evacuate complete with the updated 6-man lineup finally ventured out to the UK. This saw the boys playing 2 critically acclaimed sets, the first a surprise set replacing Mad Sin supporting the Defects in the arena stage, which saw members of legendary 77 punk band Chelsea join Evacuate on stage to play a cover version of Chelsea's hit single "Evacuate", which is where the band's name came from. The second set, which was their originally advertised stage time, back in the arena stage, blistering through their set, in front of an arena full of punks from all across the globe and a who's who of local punk rock icons (also sharing the stage that night were Finnish heavy hitters Terveet Kadet, the UK's own Special Duties and Irish punks The Outcasts). A great time was had by all, and Evacuate showed that they are a force to be reckoned with. As the boys returned, a new drummer Raul "Riff-Raff" Cuellar was recruited, and it was back to work until a near tragedy struck one of the guy's family members; this situation hit close to home with everyone in the band and threatened the very existence of the band, but with the help of loyal fans friends and family all over the world, the situation improved enough for the boys to continue moving forward.

The Future is Unwritten: 2014 and beyond

As 2013 drew to a close the news broke of Evacuate joining up with The Virus and The Bad Engrish for a West Coast tour in the spring of 2014. Evacuate will release a limited edition orange colored flexi with 2 brand new songs complete with a special fanzine sleeve/packaging. This will be a small preview of Evacuate's next full-length release entitled "Blood Money", which is in the process of being written right now.


  • Demo 2007
  • Evacuate S/T LP 2009
  • Endless War EP 2010
  • 2012 LP 2011
  • Our Lives/Rage single 2014 500 copies
  • Blood Money LP 2014

Current members

Past members

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