Eva (opera)

Eva is a Czech-language opera by Josef Bohuslav Foerster first performed in Prague in 1899. It is one of the "new realism" operas of the turn of the century with strong Moravian Slovak elements.[1][2]


  1. Art and Ideology in European Opera ed. Rachel Cowgill, David Cooper, Clive Brown - 2010 "so strong an atmosphere that Eva has a much greater effect in terms of the folk and [Moravian-]Slovak element than ... But to see Eva as a 'Smetanaesque' opera (In fact Foerster's Eva is just such a Smetanaesque opera, but Moravian-Slovak)
  2. Janáček and Czech Music ed. Michael Brim Beckerman, Glen Bauer - 1995 "Later manifestations of the new realism in Czech opera, such as Foerster's Eva (first performed in Prague in 1899) and, of course, Jejt pastorkyna (first performed in Brno in 1904) understandably have claimed far greater interest... "
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