European Union Capacity Building Mission in Niger

EUCAP Sahel Niger is a capacity-building mission in Niger, run by the European Union's External Action service.


  • Support Niger's "Strategy for Security and Development";
  • Encourage regional and international coordination in the Sahel against terrorism and organised crime;
  • Reinforce the rule of law, and train local officials and police (Police Nationale, Gendarmerie, Garde Nationale).


EUCAP was approved by the Council of the EU in July 2012,[1] for a two year period, in response to growing concerns about terrorism and organised crime in the region.[2]

Colonel Francisco Espinosa Navas was appointed to lead it for the first year.[3]

EUCAP Sahel Niger is deploying a civilian advisory and training team to Niger; it will also have some military contact with Niger's armed forces.[4]

There is a headquarter in Niamey, and an "Antenna" in Agadez (since April 2016). There are also liaison offices in Bamako (in Mali) and Nouakchott (in Mauritania).[5]


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