European Short Course Swimming Championships

The European Short Course Swimming Championships (variously referred to informally as the "Short Course Europeans" or "European 25m Championships") are a swimming meet, organized by LEN. The meet features swimmers from Europe, competing in events in a short course (25-meter) pool. The meet has traditionally been held in the beginning of December. Annual until 2013, the event now occurs in odd years.

European Short Course Swimming Championships
Genresports event
Inaugurated1991 (1991)
Organised byLEN


The Championships were first held in 1996, and were preceded by the "European Sprint Swimming Championships" which were held from 1991–1994. The Sprint meet featured 14 events: the 50s of the strokes, the 100 Individual Medley, and 4x50 relays (free and medley).

In 1996, the meet expanded to 38 events, adding the 100s and 200s of stroke, the 400 and 800/1500 frees, and the 200 and 400 IMs; and the name was changed to "Short Course". LEN also started numbering the championships again, such that 2011's meet was the 15th edition.[1]

In 2012, the meet expanded to 40 events: 19 for men, 19 for women, and two mixed. Of each 19, 17 are individual and 2 are relays.


Sprint championships

Number Year Host City Country Dates Events Winner of the medal table Second in the medal table Third in the medal table
11991Gelsenkirchen Germany6–8 December14 Germany Soviet Union Sweden
21992Espoo Finland21–22 December14 Germany Sweden Finland
31993Gateshead Great Britain11–13 November20 Germany Sweden Great Britain
41994Stavanger Norway3–4 December14 Germany Sweden Netherlands

Short Course championships

Number Year Host City Country Dates Events Winner of the medal table Second in the medal table Third in the medal table
11996Rostock Germany13–15 December38 Germany Great Britain Netherlands
21998Sheffield Great Britain11–13 December38 Germany Great Britain Netherlands
31999Lisbon Portugal9–12 December38 Sweden Germany Ukraine
42000Valencia Spain14–17 December38 Sweden Italy Germany
52001Antwerpen Belgium13–16 December38 Germany Sweden Ukraine
62002Riesa Germany12–15 December38 Germany Italy Sweden
72003Dublin Ireland11–14 December38 Germany Great Britain Netherlands
82004Vienna Austria9–12 December38 Germany Russia Great Britain
92005Trieste Italy8–11 December38 Germany Poland Netherlands
102006Helsinki Finland7–10 December38 Germany France Italy
112007Debrecen Hungary13–16 December38 Germany Russia France
122008Rijeka Croatia11–14 December38 Russia France Italy
132009Istanbul Turkey10–13 December38 Netherlands Russia France
142010Eindhoven Netherlands25–28 November38 Germany Netherlands Hungary
152011Szczecin Poland8–11 December38 Germany Denmark Spain
162012Chartres France22–25 November40 France Denmark Hungary
172013Herning Denmark12–15 December40 Russia Hungary Denmark
182015Netanya Israel2–6 December40 Hungary Italy Germany
192017Copenhagen Denmark13–17 December40 Russia Hungary Italy
202019Glasgow Great Britain4–8 December40 Russia Italy Netherlands

Medal table (1991–2019)

1 Germany (GER)141136111388
2 Russia (RUS)897678243
3 Sweden (SWE)776543185
4 Netherlands (NED)764746169
5 Italy (ITA)676973209
6 Hungary (HUN)653930134
7 France (FRA)494446139
8 Great Britain (GBR)447182197
9 Ukraine (UKR)39322899
10 Poland (POL)33292587
11 Denmark (DEN)21383695
12 Spain (ESP)20252570
13 Slovakia (SVK)197733
14 Slovenia (SLO)18172257
15 Finland (FIN)15131745
16 Croatia (CRO)12151239
17 Austria (AUT)11161340
18 Czech Republic (CZE)11141944
19 Lithuania (LTU)78823
20 Serbia/ Serbia and Montenegro64414
21 Iceland (ISL)62412
22 Belarus (BLR)592337
23  Switzerland (SUI)47819
24 Norway (NOR)391628
25 Belgium (BEL)37818
26 Soviet Union3227
27 Greece (GRE)23813
28 Bulgaria (BUL)1034
29 Estonia (EST)06612
30 Israel (ISR)051116
31 Romania (ROU)03710
32 Turkey (TUR)0235
33 Ireland (IRL)0189
34 Portugal (POR)0134
35 Faroe Islands (FRO)0101
36 Liechtenstein (LIE)0011
Totals (36 nations)8478238362506

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