European Hit Radio

European Hit Radio (Latvian: Eiropas Hītu Radio (EHR), Lithuanian: "Europos Hitų Radijas") is a commercial radio station in the Baltic states. Music compiled from European singles charts, are mostly aired.


EHR's history can be traced back to 1992, when Uģis Polis and Jānis Krauklis founded Radiodejas, which was the first non-governmental radio station in Latvia and Lithuania. Radiodejas was broadcast from a flat in Terbatas street, Riga and reached only the city of Riga.

In 1994 they renamed the radio station Super FM. In 2002, European Hit Radio started a new policy - to reflect the music situation in Europe with fresh music and charts from all European countries. In 2004 European Hit Radio went off air in Estonia after losing broadcasting license competition to a new Adult Contemporary station Raadio 3.

European Hit Radio used to have stations in Hungary too. However Sopron Radio went off air in 2006 and only 1 year after the acquisition of Pilis Radio Szentendre, the latter was sold. Moreover, the owners bought Roxy Radio in Budapest which was also sold years following the purchase. Finally, the last Hungarian EHR went off air in 2012, in Zalaegerszeg.


Current programmes include Morning Show with up-tempo music, European Hit Non-stop, UK and Germany charts, Airplay top 40, Urban/Black Top 40, European Dance Traxx Top 40, European album top 50, Billboard Top 40, most popular music television MTV and VIVA airplay hits.

Party Service, with fresh club tracks and information about club life in the Baltic States, airs on Friday and Saturday evenings at 21:00, live from Club Essential, all Friday and Saturday night.

EHR Listener's day top 5 at 17:00, top 9 at 21:20 and listener's European Hit Radio Top 40 each Friday evening at 17:00 and every Sunday morning at 11:00.


European Hit Radio reaches Latvian and Lithuanian territory. Transmitters are in almost every big city.

In LatviaFrequency
Riga104.3 FM
Gulbene88.4 FM
Daugavpils92.9 FM
Saldus93.6 FM
Liepāja96.1 FM
Valka96.2 FM
Jēkabpils98.4 FM
Cēsis99.2 FM
Talsi100.8 FM
Ventspils101.9 FM
Madona102.0 FM
Valmiera102.4 FM
Kuldīga107.4 FM
In LithuaniaFrequency
Vilnius99.7 FM
Klaipėda96.2 FM
Kaunas102.5 FM

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