Eugene Maurice, Count of Soissons

Eugene Maurice of Savoy (French: Eugène Maurice de Savoie; 2 March 1635 – 6 June 1673) was an Italian-French general and nobleman. A count of Soissons, he was the father of imperial field-marshal Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Eugene Maurice of Savoy
Count of Soissons, Count of Dreux
PredecessorJoseph Emmanuel
SuccessorLouis Thomas
Born(1635-03-02)2 March 1635
Chambéry, Savoy
Died6 June 1673(1673-06-06) (aged 38)
Unna, Westphalia
SpouseOlimpia Mancini
IssueLouis Thomas, Count of Soissons
Prince Philippe
Louis Jules, Knight of Savoy
Emmanuel Philibert, Count of Dreux
Prince Eugene
Marie Jeanne, Mademoiselle de Soissons
Louise Philiberte, Mademoiselle de Dreux
Françoise, Mademoiselle de Dreux
Full name
Eugène Maurice di Savoia
HouseSavoy (Carignan branch)
FatherThomas Francis, Prince of Carignano
MotherMarie de Bourbon


Eugene Maurice was born in Chambéry, Savoy. He was son of Thomas Francis, Prince of Carignano and Marie de Bourbon, Countess of Soissons. He was grandson of Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy and Catherine Micaela of Austria, daughter of Philip II of Spain and Elisabeth of France, herself daughter of King Henry II and Catherine de' Medici.

On 21 February 1657 he married Olimpia Mancini, a niece of cardinal Mazarin, daughter of Michele Mancini and Geronima Mazarini.

He obtained high military posts through his wife's influence. He played a role in defeating the Spaniards at the battle of the Dunes in 1658, took part in the campaigns at Flanders (1667), Franche-Comté (1668) and Holland (1672), and was present as ambassador extraordinary of France at the coronation of Charles II of England.

He died at Unna in Westphalia in 1673, out of a deadly fever, although there were voices that he had been poisoned.[1]


  1. Louis Thomas, Count of Soissons (1657–1702) married Urania de La Cropte and had issue
  2. Philippe, "Abbot of Soissons" (1659–1693) unmarried.
  3. Louis Jules, Cavaliere of Savoy (1660–1683) killed at the battle of Petronell against the Turks known as the Cavaliere di Savoia
  4. Emanuel Philibert, Count of Dreux (1662–1676) unmarried.
  5. Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663–1736) famous general.
  6. Princess Marie Jeanne of Savoy (1665-1705) Mademoiselle de Soissons.
  7. Princess Louise Philiberte of Savoy (1667–1726) Mademoiselle de Dreux.
  8. Princess Françoise of Savoy (1668–1671).



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