Ettore Maria Fizzarotti

Ettore Maria Fizzarotti (19161985) was an Italian film director and screenwriter.

Ettore Maria Fizzarotti
Born(1916-01-03)3 January 1916
Died10 September 1985(1985-09-10) (aged 69)
Rome, Italy
OccupationFilm director
Years active1946-1972

Born in Naples, the son of the director Armando, he debuted as assistant director in the films of his father, and later collaborated with, among others, Vittorio Cottafavi and Raffaello Matarazzo.[1] He made his directorial debut in 1964, with In ginocchio da te, a musicarello with Gianni Morandi which was panned by critics but which got a large commercial success.[1] Fizzarotti then directed several films of the same genre, starring some of the most important Italian singers of the time.[1][2] His career also include the Spaghetti Western I'll Sell My Skin Dearly and Sgarro alla camorra, the first sceneggiata film, which marked the film debut of Mario Merola.[1][3]



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