Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain

Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain is the 2012 studio album by Gregory Pepper & His Problems.

Escape From Crystal Skull Mountain
Studio album by
Gregory Pepper & His Problems
ReleasedAugust 12, 2012
StudioRed Tree Studios, Sun Room Audio
LabelFake Four, Inc.

Crystal Skull Mountain began as a drawing in Pepper's notebook: a "network of angles and lines"[note 1] vaguely resembling a skull.[1] It is the fictional setting for this album, and it is meant to signify fear, depression, anxiety, and despair. Expressing these feelings in song helps people escape those feelings by portraying them lightly.[2]

Track listing

1."All Are Welcome"1:09
3."Persona Non Grata"1:46
4."I Don't Feel Like Playing Air Guitar Tonight"1:29
5."Do the "Die Inside""1:10
6."Follow It Home"1:26
7."Cardboard Mausoleums"0:48
8."Wandering By"1:29
9."Note To Self"2:00
10."Dearly Departed"2:57
11."Another Stitch"1:27
12."Breathe In"1:38
13."At Least I'm Not a Musician"2:15
14."Despair's Moustache"1:05
16."Take It"1:31
17."Born To Die"1:21


  1. This lyric appears in track 15, Waaaaaay!.


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