Escalier de service

Escalier de service English: Service Entrance, is a French comedy drama film from 1954, directed and written by Carlo Rim, starring Etchika Choureau and Louis de Funès.[1]

Escalier de service
Directed byCarlo Rim
Produced byS.N.E.G Gaumont - Gaumont Actualité
Written byCarlo Rim
StarringEtchika Choureau
Louis de Funès
Marthe Mercadier
Music byGeorges Van Parys
Edited byMonique Isnardon
Robert Isnardon
Distributed byGaumont
Release date
16 August 1954 (France)
Running time
94 minutes


Walking alone and looking desperate, young Marie-Lou (Etchika Choureau) is taken in hand by Léo, a street photographer and his squatter friends. They all want to know what happened to her, so to satisfy their curiosity, Marie-Lou starts recounting her unfortunate experiences as a housemaid. On account of adverse circumstances, she tells them, she lost all of the jobs she had in five different families. To crown it all, the young man she has fallen in love with, a brilliant artist, is in prison...[2]



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