Ermengarde of Tonnerre

Ermengarde (c. 1032 – 1083), daughter of Renauld, Count of Tonnerre and Herviz,[1] she married William I, Count of Nevers[1] in 1045. She had six children:

  1. Ermengarde (born 1050, date of death unknown), married Hubert I, Count of Beaumont[2]
  2. Robert (1052 – February 12, 1095), later Bishop of Auxerre[2]
  3. William II (1052–1090), inherited grandfather's title as Count of Tonnerre[2]
  4. Heloise (born 1056, date of death unknown), married William, Count of Évreux[2]
  5. Sibille (1058–1078), married Hugh I, Duke of Burgundy
  6. Renauld II (1059–1097), inherited father's title as Count of Nevers.[2]

Her husband William I was the son of Renauld I, Count of Nevers and Hedwig/Advisa of Auxerre,[2] daughter of Robert II of France.[3]


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